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Podiatry Services

We offer a wide variety of podiatry services. Please feel free to review our wide range of services and contact us if we can be of any additional assistance.

Hip and knee pain management

An in depth evaluation with a multi-disciplinary approach to get you back into action and prevent future complications

Bunion management

Bunions are the bane in the lives of many patients. Through adequate coaching and splinting we can assist in preventing worsening of the condition or get you to the right person to assist you.

Neuroma treatment

Neuromas are painful Inflammed areas of neural tissue usually caused by bony impingement of the nerve. Through footwear modification and insole therapies we can assist in reducing issues arising from this condition.

Corn, callus and nail cutting

Regular podiatric treatment of corns callus and problematic nails can assist in the management of foot discomfort, early diagnosis of serious medical conditions and complications arising from poor nail cutting techniques.

Foot pain management

Foot pain is annoying and debilitating, it has numerous causes and a variety of ways to treat it. We treat this pain through thorough history taking, in depth investigations and a patient centred, holistic approach to foot pain management.

Limb length assessment

Limbs may differ due to malalignment of joint or contracture of muscles, we use key diagnostic skills to assess the extent of the limb length discrepancy to ensure a holistic approach is undertaken to get you moving healthily and efficiently.

Diabetic foot management

Diabetes is a global pandemic which can results in devastating complications. Regular visits to a podiatrists can lower the chances of developing foot complications arising from the disease and bring peace of mind in the management of the condition.

Ingrown nail removal

Ingrown nails are painful and debilitating for many people and are usually caused by poor nail cutting, ill-fitting shoes or genetic predisposition. We offer conservative treatment or surgical excision of the nail spike, to ease pain and prevent secondary infection.

Sports injury treatment

Sports injuries occur due to over use, ineffective rehabilitation or poor patient compliance. We provide a holistic treatment to sports injuries using the latest scientific evidence. Foot orthotics may assist in reducing pain and improving overall patient performance.

Arthritic foot management

Arthritis is an inflammatory disease of the body which can cause gross deformity to the lower limb. Podiatrist can assist in the management of the condition by aiding with general foot health and through footwear advice to assist in reducing pain resulting from this condition.

Biomechanical evaluations

Biomechanics is the study of how your body interacts with itself and the world around you. A detailed biomechanical assessment can assist in understanding the root of pain, injury or poor physical performance in order to formulate an effective means of peaking your performance.

Paediatric foot assessments

Prevention of foot diseases starts with good habits early in life. Annual screening of a child’s feet can prevent complications and ensure for a happy, active child and assist in sourcing good child friendly footwear. Podiatrists can treat intoeing, clubfoot and vertical talus through custom made foot

Custom made foot orthotics

Foot orthotics are orthopaedic device placed in a patients shoe in order to offload painful areas of the foot, change the way certain forces interact with the foot to improve mobility and efficiency in movement. Orthotics can alter walking patterns, off load painful structures of the foot and provide ankle stability.

Wart treatment

Warts can be painful and unsightly proactive treatment of this condition can ease pain, improve skin aesthetics and prevent the condition from spreading to other parts of the body or family members. We offer an array of management options for warts from chemotherapy, cryotherapy, needling to laser removal of wart like lesions.

Gait analysis

A gait analysis is part of a biomechanical analysis where the practitioner evaluates the patients walking pattern in relation to the mechanical functioning of the patient to determine the best course of action in improving the way a patient ambulates. It is done to determine who orthotic intervention may improve the way you walk and run.

Fungal nail treatments

Just like corns, callus, warts and ingrown nails; a fungal infection of the nail is of concern to many patients. Our services for nail treatment involves non-invasive laser based treatment of the fungal nail with proper coaching on preventative care. We offer advice on the correct products to use to treat and prevent fungal nail infection through thorough examination.